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Florida Drug Detox Center

Comfortable Drug Detox

At Unity Recovery Center, we want to provide our patients with a unique experience that promotes healthy and safe drug and alcohol detoxification. It is important for anyone who is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction to understand that attempting to detox on one's own is extremely dangerous. Drug detox should only be done under experienced medical supervision. At Unity Rehab, detox treatment occurs in a safe, comfortable, home like environment that is a critical element for our patient's safety and emotional state. This includes a blending of both the most advanced medical procedures with leading natural treatment, a combination we have found to be greatly successful in minimizing the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

Detox is considered to be complete when all the major withdrawal symptoms have subsided and the substance is no longer present in a patient's system. Detoxification is one of the most difficult phases of addiction recovery, but it is also the most crucial step. Though a patient may feel some level of discomfort during the first phase of detox, it is important to remember that all major withdrawal symptoms are generally cleared within 2-3 days at our detox center and are never to be experienced again, so long as a patient remains completely dedicated to their recovery program.

At our Florida drug detox center, patients receive affordable and effective first-class treatment and medical care in an environment that is focused on a patient's safety and comfort. The men and women who enter into our detox treatment facility are assisted through the detoxification process with plenty of rest, nutrition, diet education, group and individualized therapy, and education on the disease of the addiction itself; all of which are extremely important when trying to improve upon the physical and emotional wellbeing of our patients. When detoxification is complete, our discharge counselors will help patients to decide on the next steps of their recovery process, which can range from residential treatment at our drug and alcohol rehab center, to sober house arrangements, to 12-step meetings and outpatient continual care programs.

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